Our Leadership

Tessa Construction, located in Virginia, performs heavy construction work in the mid-Atlantic region. The company has grown substantially since inception in 2001. Our strategic plan involves continued growth. With Virginia roots and global ambitions, we are willing and able to mobilize where there is demand for the high-quality turnkey infrastructure work we provide.

Siamak Lajmiri, Managing Partner, graduated from West Virginia University in 1983 as Civil Engineer, and went onto become a professional  engineer. Mr. Lajmiri has been working in the construction industry since coming to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in 1984. He founded Tessa Construction in 2001 and is a natural leader with quality workmanship at the core of his business model.



We know what it takes to do quality work. We are strategically structured to meet all client’s needs. We are intimately familiar with the construction industry and the challenges that come with it. By selectively taking on new work, we ensure we can deliver all projects with the highest safety and best quality, all while remaining on time and within the budget. We want to grow in the industry by leveraging our wisdom, advanced thinking, and progressive view.

– Siamak Lajmiri