Our Mission

We pride ourselves on delivering:

  • Reliable, safe, high-quality work

  • Strong and experienced management including in-house professional engineers

  • Retention of dedicated engineering and administrative staff

  • Exceptional commitment to meeting our clients’ goals

  • Dependable completion of projects on time and within budget

Our Vision: Growth

Tessa Construction is located in Virginia, performing work for the mid-Atlantic region. The company has grown substantially since inception in 2001. Our strategic plan involves continued growth. With Virginia roots and global ambitions, we are willing and able to mobilize where there is demand for the high-quality turnkey infrastructure work we provide.

Phone: +1 703-444-4479 | Fax: 703-444-4473 | info@tessaconstruction.com
46950 Jennings Farm Drive, Suite 230, Sterling, VA 20164